Randy's Anti-Stress Remedies

As fears of terrorist attacks, nuclear bombs, financial collapse and global warming overtake us, I have a few things for you that have helped me along the way. Are you afraid of being disfellowshipped or losing family members to the Watchtower? Afraid of divorce or child custody issues? Just plain down and out? Sit a spell and take the time to browse some things. Take a couple of deep breaths and hold them and count to 10 and slowly let out your breath to start. Feel more relaxed already? Let's try some more suggestions!

1. Visit the ocean in Manhattan Beach, Calif.

2. Have fun with Randall and friends  1   2   3   4

3. Watch some pretty funny cult videos!





...if you want to see the Bethel underground graffiti at its peak in 1979 by the nephew of Watch Tower fame's Colin Quakenbush, one time editor of the Awake! magazine.

 read Randy's political cartoons from inside Bethel in 1979 when he was a secret apostate:

witch hunt part I: the Bible Becomes "Suspicious"

witch hunt part II: Inquisition

Pressroom Conversion Tales



Armageddon Okies!



Visit Danny Haszard's Sensible Suggestions for Managing Stress



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