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Most of these are in Youtube or .mp4 format and the quality has been upgraded from the original S-VHS cassettes from the early to mid-80s. Most of us pranksters were former Jehovah's Witnesses, 2 or 3 were still in it.

Some of these videos reside on and are often even better quality.


Free Minds Youtube Channel

Free Minds Vimeo Channel


The Goal of Randall Watters and

Cults are a serious problem but your greatest ally is humor at the right time. It snaps them out of zombie mode.



Revisiting PA and Bethel in the mid-80s with friends

In our journey to the Ex-Jehovah's Witnesses for Jesus Convention, we got bored and put on our own little skits.
Not satisfied with that, we visited Brooklyn Bethel for a little fun.



Randall's Cult Hideout

Port Douglas near Cairns in Australia was Randall's private headquarters before he reluctantly decided to
 take over the Brooklyn operations of the Watch Tower. But being a cult leader has its perks!


Dogz and Sgnt. Right-Nutt fighting sock puppets!

A spoof on popular trends to entertain the kids who like Linkin' Park, who rock!




You don't have to be religious to have a good life

Don't forget to enjoy all the good things around you and learn to piece them together, no matter how sparse and insignificant they seem, and make a story out of your life. Live on a ranch or a farm; you'll learn quickly. Randall, Joy and Ken Watters in 1968 in Santa Ana Canyon, Calif., the best days of our lives (and for the horses, chickens, rabbits, snakes, quail farm, cats, dogs and a raccoon named Ringtail. My Sophomore year in 1968, shot in 8mm (no voice recording back then.)

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